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How to Make Love to a Woman

How to Make Love to a Woman

On this website, you’ll find plenty of actionable tips and techniques that will improve your sex skills. However, in this post I decided to narrow it down a bit. As I wrote in my post what makes a man a great lover you can’t just be great at fucking to be a great lover. Regardless of how cheesy you think it may sound; you also need to know how to make love to a woman.

In this post you will learn exactly this, 10 tips and lovemaking techniques that you can use when you really want to make love to your woman.

Although these type of lovemaking techniques may not be everyone’s cup of tea or every occasion type of things, they should still be in every man’s repertoire. Lets dive in.

The Setting

When we’re talking about making love, the first thing to consider is the setting. As making love to a woman is about giving her your undivided attention, you need to create a setting where you are allowing yourself to do this. Make sure to turn off and disconnect from everything that can disturb the moment.

You also need to allocate enough time. All though a quick fuck actually can be great sex, love making is about taking time. When it comes to the setting of the act you want to use things like candles and incense. Creating a romantic setting is important when you want to make love to your woman.


How to Make Love to a Woman

When you are touching another person the hormone oxytocin gets released. Oxytocin makes us feel close and attached to our partner and it’s usually called the body’s love hormone. This is why touching is so important to lovemaking and part of the reason why a long foreplay is highly important.

On top of this a long foreplay will make your woman disconnect from the stress of everyday life and allow her to fully focus on the love that you give her.

If you want specific tips and techniques that you can use, you can check out my posts the definite foreplay guide and foreplay techniques. However, slow and sensual should be your guiding words.

Make sure to not only focus on all her “sexual parts”. Giving love and appreciating every little part of her body is how you make love to a woman. Let her feel and know that all her body parts are sensual and sexy to you.

Love exploring your woman, whether it’s the first or 1000th time you have sex.

You can also incorporate emotional talk. Tell her how beautiful she is, and tell her about all her body parts that you love. In case you love her, tell her that you love her. Tell her exactly what it is about her that you love.

Another way to make the foreplay more emotional is to look your woman in her eyes. At times you look with love and desire deep into her eyes and at other times you look with power and sexual confidence deep into her eyes.

Be in and Enjoy the Moment

To make love to a woman you need to be in the moment. Without any distracting thoughts you give your woman your undivided attention.

On top of receiving so much more from the experience when you are fully present and really enjoy the sex, this will be contagious. Your woman will notice how much you enjoy her and the moment, she will be inspired and enjoy it even more herself.

Imagine any other type of activity, and someone who really has fun and enjoys the activity. You can also imagine the opposite. How could you be a good lover if you don’t enjoy what you do? An infectious joy is highly important when you make love to a woman.

Enjoy every little sensation while you make tender and sensual love to her. If thoughts about your favorite team or that annoying coworker come up, let them go and return your attention to your woman.

The more in the moment you manage to be, the better the lovemaking experience will be for both of you.

Use Your Breathing

One way to become more in the moment during sex is to use your breathing. Since breathing often is influenced by and influences how you feel, only becoming more aware of your breathing, can make you more aware during sex.

In order to become more aware of and get a better connection with your partner, you can synchronize your breathing with hers. When you synchronize your breathing with someone else, you also match your state of mind, level of excitement and what you’re feeling. Instead of making love individually, you start making love together.

Eye Contact

make love with eye contact

Using eye contact during sex is a great way to take sex from just sex to love making.

Either you watch your partner deep into the eyes for short but emotional moments. Or focus the entire act around eye contact.

If you want to do the latter, you can begin with very sensual and slow sex. Then start looking into your woman’s eyes. Make sure to not just to look at them, but look deep inside them. If she’s closing her eyes or you notice that she’s glancing in a different direction, you tell her that you want her to look into your eyes.

Stop or slow down until she looks you in the eyes again. Tell her that you want her to look you in your eyes the whole time you’re inside her.

You can also talk about how close you are to each other, what you feel for her, and how you almost blend into one single person.

Eye Contact During her Orgasm

Without losing eye contact, you eventually try to synchronize your orgasm. To make your woman’s orgasm become really emotional, you can also make sure she looks into your eyes when she comes. Do this by telling her to look you in the eyes when you notice that she’s about to come. Something that you also can combine with angling her head towards you by holding her hair in a grip close to the hair roots.

If your woman comes hard, it may be difficult for her to look into your eyes. In that case, try to slow down until she looks you in the eyes. Then you return to the original tempo once you have eye contact again.

However, unless you are looking for a long-term relationship, you should be careful with this lovemaking technique. Looking the man in the eyes while achieving orgasm, is extremely emotional for some women. Even so emotionally that it sometimes leads to love.

Get into Tantra

My Tantra teacher used to say that when you have sex in a tantric way, you don’t have sex just because you feel an itch in your pants and you want to masturbate in your woman. You make love with her because you want to share everything and become one with her. You want to see the universe in her eyes. Thus getting into and experimenting with Tantra is a great way of adding more love to your sex.

When you make tantric love together, the key is to take it very slowly and enjoy every step of the process, from foreplay to penetration and orgasms. Often tantric sex also involves a lot of eye contact, and thus becomes very emotional.

One way of mixing the basics of Tantra with regular love making is to meditate and visualize how your sexual energy fills your chest (heart chakra) before you have sex. Then you have sex in an extra loving way, focusing on giving and light touch.

You can also add synchronized breathing to this type of lovemaking. Or let your lips meet as if you would kiss each other and take turns breathing in and exhaling. One person inhaling while the other is exhaling.

If you really want to learn more about Tantra I recommend you to take a course.  Regardless of if these things feel a bit to hippie to you, I’m sure it will be an interesting and developing experience.

Lead Her

when you make love you lead

To lead your woman is important regardless of if you’re just having sex or if you are making love. In my post on how to take charge in bed you’ll get plenty of tips regarding leading.

When you eventually learn how to become really good in bed, you will lead your woman to new levels of pleasure. Pleasure that she will love being led into, and that you will love leading her to. This will eventually result in her becoming even more responsive to you, and you taking her into even higher levels of pleasure. Levels she could hardly dream of before.

Make Love With Passion

Being passionate is another thing that’s highly important for love making. You don’t make love using your intellect, you make love with passion.

Think about how hot it is when you are with a woman who is loud and passionate in bed. It’s the same for women, they also enjoy it more when they are with a man who really enjoys sex and is not too shy to show it. Unfortunately, most men are far too quiet.

You don’t need to scream like a female porn star, or give away a jungle roar every time you get an orgasm. But allow yourself to have self-confidence and to be comfortable with being a passionate sexual masculine creature. Your woman will love it. You should also dare to express yourself vocally. If your woman has said that she loves you, you can tell her how much you love her while you’re inside her.

Let yourself go and let sex be something amazing that influences you in a powerful way, show this without guilt or shyness.

Let your feelings flow freely, live and love with passion.

The Afterglow  

man who knows how to make love to a woman

The afterglow can be a very important part of sex and of lovemaking, but it doesn’t have to be. Unfortunately, many men all too often go for the latter. Mission accomplished, you got what you were looking for, and hopefully your woman got the same (if not, you should check out my post on how to make her cum). To have this mind frame however is a mistake.

According to statistics a higher duration of post sex affection leads to both higher sexual satisfaction and relationship satisfaction. Especially for women.

The afterglow is an opportunity to share feelings and together enjoy the amazing moment you just experienced. For many women, it is also very emotionally important and they can be emotionally vulnerable.

In fact, the love hormone oxytocin is released throughout the entire foreplay and sex act. But the maximum amount gets released one minute after orgasm.

Thus, the afterglow may be one of the most emotionally bonding moments you can share with a woman. Kisses and hugs often become extra loving. Keeping your woman close and telling her about how close to her you feel or felt during the sex is a great way to share this affectionate moment.

Become an Amazing Lover

There you go, now you’ve got some great advice and lovemaking techniques. After having read this post on how to make love to a woman, you should have a pretty good idea on how you can go from just having sex to actually making love to a woman.

If you want to continue your studies and become the best lover your woman has ever been with, consult best sexologist in Delhi.

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