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Doggy Style Variations – Improve Your Doggy Style

Doggy Style Variations – Improve Your Doggy Style

In this post you will learn how to improve your doggy style sex position by using different doggy style variations. Something that surely will provide a lot of fresh excitement to your sex skills. But first let’s talk about sex positions and great sex.

Lots of Sex Positions are Not Equal to Great Sex

When it comes to great sex and improving sex skills a lot of people think of different sex positions. But as you can read about in my post on how to become better in bed, improved sex skills and knowing different sex positions has quite little in common.

I would actually even say that knowing different sex positions, is less than 1 % of being a great lover.

Being great in bed is about so much more than knowing a bunch of sex positions. And if you really want to become an amazing lover, I recommend my ultimate guide to becoming an amazing lover – The Master Key.

With this said, lets dive in to this blog post on on sex positions and more specifically; doggy style variations.

Why you Should Switch Between Positions

As far as sex positions concerned, there are actually only three, all good in their own way. The missionary, doggy style, and the woman on top. All other positions are different variations of these. However, since variation is key when it comes to great sex, it’s good to experiment with the different positions and their variations.

Since specific positions can stimulate you differently, switching positions can also be a great way to boost and control the excitement of both you and your woman. But spending the whole act switching between a variety of positions, just for the sake of switching, will make you seem restless and make your woman frustrated. So keep it to a couple of positions at a time.

Doggy Style – A Dominant Sex Position

Since you can’t look your woman in the eyes during Doggy style, its suitable for dominant but less intimate sex. It also doesn’t allow for as much body contact as for example the missionary or woman on top. But it does allow for high speed and hard penetration, both parts of dominant sex. Since most women really enjoy dominant sex, this is a good thing.

If you want the sex to become even more dominant, you can also grab the woman by her hair near the hair roots. Something that creates a nice feeling to most women.

G-Spot Stimulation During Doggy Style

Doggy style is also a great way to provide G-spot stimulation. If you want to try a doggy style variation that gives extra g-spot stimulation, you position yourself so your dick head is pointing down towards the G-spot instead of straight in. Then fuck your woman with shallow thrusts.

Great for Lasting Longer

Another advantage of doggy style is that men often have an easier time relaxing in the position. Which makes it a position convenient to change to if you feel like you are about to come and want to last longer.

In case you want to relax even more (which is good for lasting longer), you can also instead of thrusting, bring your woman’s hip back and forth with your hands. If you want to learn how to last even longer, then check out my post on how to last longer.

More Emotional Sex with Modified Doggy Style

Doggy Style Variations – Improve Your Doggy Style

If you want to switch to more emotional sex, it’s a good idea to move your woman so she lies down instead of being on all four. Then you lie on top of her and fuck her from behind. In this position you can also experiment with placing pillows under your woman’s hip. Something that may both ad comfort and vary the sensation she feels.

The body contact of this doggy style variation is completely different to normal doggy style. It allows for passionate kisses as well as fingering of the woman’s clit.

Adding Clitoral Stimulation

Since a majority of all women need clitoral stimulation to cum it’s a great idea to add this to your doggy style sex. You can finger your woman’s clit yourself. But if you want her to come, which you probably do, then the best idea is to just move her hand towards the clit.

After all she will most likely know best how she likes to be stimulated. By you moving her hand towards the clit, you both show that its okay for her to masturbate and you even encourage it. An initiative that most women will love.

However, if you want to do it yourself, you can also start out and then place her hand on top of yours, this way she will show you how she likes it. If you or she has some vibrator toys available, doggystyle is also the position to bring them out.

If you want to switch it up from here, spooning is another great position to switch to.

Another way to make doggystyle more emotional and a lot sexier is to have doggystyle sex in front of a mirror. This way you can look your woman in the eyes as you fuck her. Something that adds a lot more emotion to the sex.

Another Doggy Style Variation

one of many great doggy style variations

In another variation on doggy style your woman stands on feet and hands instead of knees and arms. Then you fuck her standing. This is actually a yoga position called “downward facing dog“.

This variation is for example good to switch to if you’re having sex standing up in the shower. The shorter the distance between your woman’s feet and hands, the deeper into the vagina she will be stimulated.

In general doggystyle is a great position for standing sex. Which makes it a great position for having taboo sex in different public places. Most women love this type of naughty adventures.

Another Yoga Inspired Doggy Position

yoga inspired doggy

Another yoga-inspired version that both stimulates the G-spot and allows for deep penetration, works as follows. From the usual doggy style, you pull the woman’s ass backwards so that her thighs rest on the calves. Then push her arms forward so that her forehead rests against the mattress. You fuck her by kneeling with the knees on the outside of her feet, alternatively straighten your legs and hold yourself up with your hands beside her.

Since your woman may find it uncomfortable if you reach too deep and bump against her cervix, it is important that you start carefully in this position.

Other Doggy Style Variations

If you have a staircase available in your house, doggy style in the staircase is a nice little variation on the normal doggy style.

As you’re fucking your woman in doggy style varying the sex with different types of thrusting is also great. So check out my post on thrusting techniques. And if you’re getting a bit tired from standing on your knees when fucking your woman in doggy, just move her to the side of the bed and continue fucking her standing. Your woman will definitely appreciate this doggy style variation. While you get some well deserved rest.

Doggystyle is also great for nipple stimulation, so don’t hesitate to give your woman some nice nipple stimulation while you’re fucking her.

How to Fuck her in Ways she Never has Been Fucked Before

Experimenting with different sex positions is great. But it will not make you an amazing lover. If you want to continue learning how you can give your woman the best sex she’s had in her entire life, by far, then I recommend consulting best sexologist in Delhi.

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