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The importance of discussing the marital and sexual relationship

 The first step is to make a self-questioning about the expectations placed on the other person and then dialogue to see if the expectations are corresponding and, if not, seek understanding of the possible paths”

A lot of people shy away from discussing the relationship. Arguing is bad enough, and if the relationship needs debate, something is wrong… at least for one of the two of the couple.

Talking about expectations and exposing points that need to be improved is fundamental to a good relationship. If there is no argument between the couple, it may be a sign that one of the two is canceling each other out and putting their heads down too much. This will never be useful for the future of the relationship.

Talking openly serves to create and strengthen bonds, expose likes, dislikes, and thus create the connections that are the great foundation of a relationship for two. But that’s not always how it happens. Many people marry or enter into relationships without talking about the needs of those involved. Our culture does not encourage this exchange of information and exposure to feelings in a healthy and constructive way.

If a couple is not taught to talk about everyday life, about the couple’s plans, will they talk about sex?

Sex, sexual activities, sexual behaviors are the last to be discussed between the couple. The problem stems from the idea that sex is natural and doesn’t need to be learned. But the fact is that it needs to be learned and when we talk about sex we are not referring to “natural” sex, which would be reproduction, having children. At this point, the couple talks, plans, and even seeks to overcome sexual problems by seeking help from sexologist in Noida to have children under assisted fertilization so that they don’t even need to have sex. So, the sexual problem continues.

What many couples need to understand is that this omission does not change feelings and upsets, on the contrary.

Sex will be more complicated with the lack of talking about wants and needs. Exposing sexual fantasies is extremely important for couples who consider sex to be important.

Of course, many couples exist with other bases and not sexual relationships. Sex can be something that is out of the couple’s relationship agreement… living socially can be more important.

The great key point for communication with the other to be healthy is to recognize that each one knows what is expected of him in the conversation to put to the other. The first step is to make a self-questioning about the expectations placed on the other person and then dialogue to see if the expectations are corresponding and, if not, seek understanding of the possible paths.

Talking about sex, in adults, cannot contain infantilized ways to refer to genitals and sexual activities. Adult sex is sex! To talk about sex, you have to use the words that mean sex! If you think these are dirty words, the problem is individual and deserves some time in psychotherapy to be able to address sex in a healthy and useful way for you, and then for the couple.

Talking about sex does not correspond to the stereotype of asking after sex: “Was it good for you too?” In fact, it implies first stating how satisfied you were with what you have just done. It is the role of the other to respond at the same time!

The biggest problem for couples is that they are not in the habit of dialogue. Thus, they will have great difficulties in producing a healthy and useful conversation for the improvement and future of the couple.

The couple’s communication, discussing the relationship need to be guided by a project for the couple’s future. This project needs to include sexual activities, understand that they are developed in this couple, built, planned, and tested to know what they want, what they can, and what they can do about sex.

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Discover How To Enjoy The Couple Through Sex

Discover how to enjoy the couple through sex and get out of the monotony

Getting an orgasm will depend on the person, their ability to feel pleasure and induce pleasure as well. For men, it is easier to reach orgasm than women. Many couples and especially many men, seek self-satisfaction and do not take into account the possibility that the woman gets an orgasm and do not consider how to reach an orgasm.

It is easier for a woman to have an orgasm by being alone than by having a partner and having sex. Whether through sexual positions, erotic games, stimulation of the G-spot and other erogenous zones, it is possible that both men and women have an orgasm as a couple.

Do not let the passion and desire to have sex decay is a challenge for many couples. Every person likes that their partner feels satisfied and that they feel an orgasm every time they can. Now imagine that both during the sexual act reach orgasm at the same time, the feeling in them will be immense and that will bring them closer.

For this reason, in this article, sexologist in Noida presents some tips and advice that will really help you to achieve a mutual orgasm with your partner. You just have to put it into practice and adapt these keys and tips to your sex life.

Recommendations to follow to enjoy sex as a couple 

  • Create an emotional bond with your partner either through glances during the sexual act or by telling him how good you feel and how lucky or lucky you are together.
  • Keep in mind that the female orgasm is more inclined towards the emotional part. Has a woman ever faked an orgasm while being with you? It may be because your body and mind are not connected while having sex, causing them to fake orgasms so that the man feels “satisfied” with his sexual performance.
  • Their problems, worries, and tasks are a factor that will directly influence women when they have an orgasm. Therefore, as a man or as a couple, be sure to induce as much sexual pleasure as possible, make her feel comfortable with you and what you do and try to do. Do not forget to connect with her emotionally! Be romantic and prepare an erotic environment that provides tranquility and well-being.
  • The speed with which men carry the sexual act is too fast, which is a blunder. The woman has to be worked, so to speak, to explore which areas are more susceptible. Before moving to highly sensitive areas, first begins with the basics, the neck, mouth, thighs, breasts, nipples, etc. The same goes for man, only, in this case, it is easier to stimulate and induce pleasure.
  • The trust during the sexual act is essential, that such a feeling exists between both imply that the physical and emotional delivery is a mutual act.
  • Be precise as to capture the moment or moments in which your partner is having the best pleasure until then. This will let you know how to stimulate the other person
  • Self-knowledge is another of those keys that favor sex as a couple and obtain an orgasm. The more knowledge you have about the erogenous parts, how to stimulate them and what their limits are, the better. Since having a notion of it, the couple can take advantage of it and know where to play and how to play.
  • Maintain a connection between your brain and your body, therefore, you have to make your partner do the same. While the mind is distracted, the difficulty with which an orgasm will be achieved will increase significantly.

Tips to stoke sexual desire and enjoy the relationship

Your relationship may have reached a stalemate where you do not know what to do to maintain that desire and desire that you once had when you initiated the emotional and sexual connection.

In this way, know these simple but practical tips that will help you improve your sex life.

  • The vagina is not the only erogenous part that can induce a woman to have an orgasm. It is more part of the body is not so sensitive compared to the clitoris.
  • A basic position but that really helps to achieve an orgasm is that of “puppy”. It consists of placing your hands or elbows (depending on how arched your back is and how raised your back is) and knees in the bed, this way you can receive three types of stimulation at the same time: vaginal penetration, anal stimulation with your finger of your partner and masturbation or stimulation of the clitoris.
  • If you want to induce an orgasm in men, know that showing your physical attributes, sexual and provocative positions, erotic dances, and others can help enormously to achieve this goal, as long as you do it by restricting him to touch you, this in order to create a sexual fantasy in his head and increase the morbid in the moment.
  • Oral sex in both men and women is almost an indispensable requirement. The detail is that when it is practiced, it is not done correctly, either because of ignorance of how to do it or because of not knowing what it is like that your partner receives oral sex. The key is communication and technique.
  • If you are masturbating to the man, either manually or orally and notes that he is about to reach orgasm, you simply have a slight pressure at the base of the big one, this will prevent him from ejaculating and thus cutting the ejaculatory reflex.

Many men and women seek information on the Internet about how to fan the flames of passion more often than you imagine, do not limit yourself to enjoy a full and happy sexual life.