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Dissatisfaction with Penis Size

It is not uncommon for men to be a little anxious about their penis size. They can silently compare their length and girth with their colleagues’ measurements in a community locker room, or wonder why their own penis doesn’t look like what they see in pornographic photos or videos.

For some men, this concern can conflict with everyday life. Men with small penis syndrome (sometimes called penis dysmorphic disorder ) perceive their penis as inappropriate. The doctor can say that it is a natural size and the partner can reassure them about sexual satisfaction. But the man will not believe.

Often, men with small penis syndrome avoid any situation that may involve revealing the size of the penis, from using a public toilet to swimming and sexual activities. They may feel ashamed and walk away from their friends and family.

Men concerned about penis size often consult urologist or sexologist in Delhi.

Some men resort to penis enlargement products sold online or to clinics that offer penis enlargement treatment in Delhi. However, these approaches are not always indicated and may not have results, have poor results or even harm health when there is no medical follow-up.

Treatment of men concerned with penis size should begin with a thorough biopsychosocial assessment, followed by extensive psychoeducation, counselling and psychology activities, even if surgery is being considered.

If you are concerned about your penis size or are thinking about a procedure to improve your penis, talk to a sexologist doctor in Delhi first. A therapist can also help you put your penis size in perspective and guide you through any self-esteem and body image problems. Therapy can also resolve any depression or anxiety you experience.

Complaints about penis size must be taken seriously and a full biopsychosocial and multidisciplinary assessment is required.

It is important to resolve these problems first, before undergoing a procedure.