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How your weight affects your sex drive

How your weight affects your sex drive

Not feeling in the mood lately? Your weight might be to blame. Being overweight isn’t just an unpleasant experience because you can’t fit into your clothes. Extra body fat can lead to heart and other health problems. And, it can also affect your sex life.

For both men and women, high levels of body fat mean higher levels of a chemical called “sex hormone binding globulin”. When there’s too much, you may lose your sexual appetite.

Heavy weight, low sex-drive

Knowing the different ways sexual drive is affected by your weight can help motivate you to get into shape and teach you how to get it back.

Positions are a struggle

There’s no denying that sex is physical and one or both partners being overweight makes moving into different positions more difficult. This also affects how much pleasure you might feel, as certain positions may not be possible.

Climaxing isn’t guaranteed

When you’re overweight there’s a decrease in blood flow to your genitals because the extra weight makes your blood vessels narrow. Your genitals need proper blood flow to reach an orgasm. If you’re too thin, this can also affect your ability to climax, since it can affect testosterone and libido (sex drive) levels.

How it affects women

Being overweight can affect your pleasure button, ladies. Susan Kellogg, director of sexual medicine at the Pelvic and Sexual Health Institute of Graduate Hospital in Philadelphia, found that the width of the blood vessels leading to the clitoris (the area of the vagina most closely related to sexual response) are affected by blockages that impact blood flow. When this happens, a woman’s sexual desire lowers, making you feel less in the mood to get frisky.

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Other conditions can be to blame

Weight gain plays a big role in both high cholesterol and insulin resistance (resistance to the hormone insulin, which leads to increased blood sugar) and both conditions have an impact on sexual performance, especially in men. These conditions can cause tiny arteries in the penis to shut down when vessels are clogged with too much fat. Erectile dysfunction (when a man can’t get or keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse) is often the unhappy result.

It may affect fertility

If you and your partner have been trying to get it on in the hopes of getting pregnant but are struggling, your weight may be the culprit. Your weight affects fertility because it influences the amount of oestrogen in your body, which is important when wanting to fall pregnant. It may prevent regular ovulation (when eggs are available to be fertilised by a male sperm) which causes you to release less oestrogen. On the other hand, being underweight may cause you to release less oestrogen which also hampers fertility. Both partners affect fertility though, as weight affects levels of testosterone, too.

Get Back Your Drive

Although being overweight affects sexual performance and sex drive in many ways, the good news is that you can make some changes to help your libido.

You can:

  • Lose a little weight to stimulate sex hormones.
  • Eat more nutritious foods, which control cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
  • Exercise regularly to get blood flowing to your pelvic area.
  • Pick up a sexy novel or watch a sexy movie.
  • Accept your body at any size because feeling better about yourself helps.
  • Embrace your sensuality.
  • Consult sexologist in Delhi

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Thrusting Techniques That Will Drive Her Wild


During my journey to become awesome in bed, I researched and experimented with everything that could enhance a woman’s pleasure. And a long time ago, when I sucked at sex and before I began to give women multiple orgasms, thrusting techniques was one of the first things I experimented with.

However, I soon discovered that it’s actually not all in the hip, and that great thrusting techniques alone will not exactly make you an amazing lover.

With that said, when you are having sex, different types of thrusting techniques can often be fun and exciting to experiment with. They will definitely spice up the sex. And if you use the right one with the right woman, it can lead to some very intense orgasms. On top of this, a thrusting repertoire will also make you stand out from all the repetitive in and out guys.

In this post I share my favorite thrusting techniques. Lets dive in.

Taoist Thrusting

Taoist thrusting is an ancient and appreciated method that
you perform as follows. Slowly slide all the way in and then almost completely
out again. After this you make 9 shallow thrusts and then 1 deep. Continue with
8 shallow and 2 deep, 7 shallow, and 3 deep, till you come to 1 shallow and 9
deep. You can then turn around and go back all the way, 2 shallow 8 deep, etc.
Be sure to never pull out completely during these thrusts.

Taoist Thrusting with a Twist

If you want to experiment a bit with the Taoist thrusting, you can use the Taoist thrusting with a twist. Instead of shallow and deep, you then shift between slow sensual thrusts and hard fast thrusts. 9 slow sensual 1 hard fast, 8 slow sensual 2 hard fast, etc. This is my personal twist to Taoist Thrusting and a thrusting technique that I’ve been getting great results from.

Since Taoist thrusting often is appreciated, it’s a fun
thrusting technique to experiment with. However, to always have to keep track
of numbers while you’re fucking, is not great. So make sure you don’t use these
thrusting techniques too often.

Deep and Shallow and
the Hip Roll

Simply switching between shallow thrusts and deep thrusts without counting is another thrusting technique you can try. This can be hot for your partner and allows you to be more in the present than the Taoist Thrusting. On top of this, shallow thrusting can also help you to last longer.

A good approach is to start the sex with shallow thrusting,
and stroke deep sometimes. Your woman will love the contrast between the two. Then
you increase the use of deep thrusting as your woman becomes more aroused.

You can also start out the sex with only extremely slow and shallow thrusting. Then you very slowly build up to deeper and faster thrusting.

Another type of thrusting technique that you can use is to roll your hip in different directions while you’re fucking. If you are a stiff European/Caucasian man and unless you are used to Latin dance, a smooth hip roll may be a bit difficult to pull off. But by practicing you will improve your skills.

Coital Alignment Technique

When you are having missionary sex with your woman you can try the Coital Alignment Technique. Instead of normal thrusting you slide higher up on your woman. And with the dick only partially inside, you use more of an isolated pelvic movement while thrusting.

When you use this thrusting technique your hip and pelvic bone should rub against your woman’s clitoris. Thus if your woman comes easier by clitoral stimulation added to the sex, which most women do, then this thrusting technique is great to use.

General Experimentation

Since women have different preferences, you should definitely experiment to find out what your woman likes. As you experiment you will come up with great new techniques as well as refine old ones.

You can experiment by thrusting with different speed, depths and directions of the cock. And even just try to focus on thrusting in one direction of the vagina during an extended period of time.

Pay attention to how your woman reacts from your experimentation, learn from it and hone your thrusting skills. However, be aware that if you experiment too much during the same sex, it’s not unlikely that your woman thinks it’s too jerky. In a negative way.

A woman wants to be able to relax and enjoy the sex. If the man is changing tempo and rhythm every second as if he’s a sexually frustrated teenager, it will not be great for her.

Switch Between Sensual and Hard

Switching between sensual sex and hard however is good. Sometimes you experience the enjoyment of every little feeling while you make tender and sensual love. Other times you smash it hard and give it all, like a man fresh of a deserted island, who hasn’t seen the glimpse of a woman for years.

You don’t need to be afraid of fucking too hard, a woman who is about to come can be fucked very hard. In fact, during an orgasm women’s sensitivity to pain decreases by more than half compared to when they are resting. While the sense of touch even can be enhanced.

Add Other Types of Stimulation

Like I wrote above, fucking is definitely not all about the hip. As you are fucking you should also combine it with other types of stimulation. To get some inspiration you can check out my post on foreplay techniques. Most of the techniques in that post can actually also be used while you’re having sex.

Fuck her Like She Never has Been Fucked Before

Thrusting techniques are great, and you should experiment with all of the above. But they will not make you an amazing lover. If you want to continue learning how you give her the best sex she’s had in her entire life, by far, then I recommend to consult best sexologist in Delhi.

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