Premature Ejaculation: Causes & Treatments

Premature ejaculation, effective solutions

It is estimated that about 20 percent of Indian men have suffered from premature ejaculation, although there are studies that say that this figure could be even 30 percent. Although it is not considered a health problem as such, it is a dysfunction that affects not only the sexual area, but also the self-esteem of the patient, of his partner, and that may end up even leading to anxiety or depression, so it should not be underestimated.

The good news is that the combination of medicinal treatment with sex therapy provides very good results. There are even new supportive pharmacological treatments. However, many are still suspicious when consulting a sex specialist in Delhi, with what this entails for their quality of life.

But what exactly is considered an early ejaculation? Dr. P K Gupta, the best sexologist in Delhi, states that three characteristics must be fulfilled. The first one is that “there really is a decrease in the intravaginal latency time”, the second is that “this decrease also implies a loss of voluntary control”, and, finally, that this difficulty in sexual relations “alters the quality of life of the person “. In fact, it is common that in the face of anticipatory anxiety and fear of failure, premature ejaculation can also lead to erectile dysfunction.

Likewise, it is worth mentioning that there are different cases of premature ejaculation. In this case, the expert points out that there are differences between what is considered a primary or acquired premature ejaculation. In the first case, it would be “premature ejaculation that, fulfilling the three criteria, occurs from the first sexual intercourse, and it is also considered that these patients usually have an intravaginal latency time of less than one minute”. However, in cases of acquired premature ejaculation, the man has already had satisfactory sexual intercourse, but “due to some circumstance, which may have to do with some cause of underlying organic or psychological origin, that intravaginal latency time decreases. They are usually patients that fall below a standard that is considered to be 3 minutes. ”

Why is premature ejaculation produced?

To better understand what this sexual difficulty implies, which can end up being a problem in the well-being of the patient, it is important to know what causes are behind the disorder. In this regard, a sexologist in Delhi points out that anxiety can be the cause and consequence of this condition, and that “anxiety causes the problem and the problem causes anxiety.” In this way, many of the patients who come for sex treatment in Delhi, for this reason, are “young patients sexually active but with a psychological profile a little introverted, tending to anxiety.”

Regarding the type of ejaculation most seen in consultation, a sexologist in Noida insists that it is more common for cases of primary ejaculation to occur. “These patients are very stigmatized at the consultation, both by themselves and by their partners.”

Despite this, premature ejaculation is not always associated with a psychological issue, so it is essential that the patient goes to the best sexologist in Noida, to be able to rule out that there may be some organic problem. These cases are more common in secondary or acquired ejaculations.

“There may be an abuse of some medication or drug, or quite the opposite, that the suppression of some medication, an antidepressant type that increases the latency time of ejaculation, causes a rebound effect when you stop taking it”, contributes sexologist doctor in Noida. Other times it is “inflammatory processes of prostate, prostatitis, or thyroid problems.”

A multidisciplinary approach

Taking into account all these factors, the best sexologist doctor in Noida insist that in order to obtain the best result it is necessary to make a multidisciplinary approach to premature ejaculation. In this way they insist that the treatment must have three main legs: the first is the recognition of the urologist, to rule out that there is an underlying problem and to analyze the case in depth; second, to have a behavioral therapy by a sexologist in Gurgaon who can do a job of sexual reeducation; and, thirdly, to have a pharmacological treatment to support the therapy.

In this case, the best sexologist in Gurgaon insists that “we find patients who only develop premature ejaculation in couple relationships, but not in their masturbation, where they have greater ejaculatory control, so it is evident that there is a problem of learning. For that reason, in those cases, it is important to resort to a sexologist doctor in Gurgaon, for this multimodal action, which also gives very good results “.

It must be borne in mind that this sexual re-education involves understanding the patient that the goal of sexual relations is not only penetration and that despite ejaculating before the desired there are more sexual practices with which to continue to relate to your partner. Likewise, much of it is based on banishing false myths about sexual relations, sometimes caused by the influence of pornography and the lack of a formal sex education, as experts say that there are also patients who self-diagnose as early ejaculators, when, however, they are simply compared with idealized parameters, but they do not have any real problems.

Effective treatments

In fact, the great novelty in terms of premature ejaculation is the emergence of new treatments, also pharmacological, really effective and with fewer side effects. As stated sexologist in Ghaziabad, “until now we had few tools and made the patient himself limited in his practice, so it is important to know that there are new ways to address this dysfunction.”

In particular, the best sexologist in Ghaziabad refers to two types of premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi, both oral and topical. Regarding the oral, usually, have been used antidepressants that had a side effect delaying ejaculation. More specifically, the urologist notes that “these treatments had a greater number of side effects, but now we have serotonin reuptake inhibitors with a very short half-life and very fast effects”. In this way, if before with antidepressants prolonged treatments were necessary to achieve the desired effect of the delay of ejaculation, “now the effect is faster and the side effects are very small, and it is also taken on demand, not as a treatment kept”.

However, the most effective option currently is topical treatment. According to sexologist doctor in Ghaziabad, this is applied directly on the penis glans “until 5 minutes before sexual intercourse”. It is a local anesthetic that has a very localized effect “and very superficial, so there are hardly any side effects, taking into account that it is applied only on the glans and not on the skin, so that sensitivity is not lost in the rest of the penis.”