penis enlargement treatment in Delhi

A lot of men are anxious about their penis size because they worry that their penis size is very small. The average length of an erected penis is approx 5.5 inches and if a man having the penis size below 5.5 inches, but greater than 3 inches then it is called below average penis size. If you have a penis size problem, then you may have noticed that it is one of the most interesting topics to discuss on the internet. Instead of spending time on the internet, you can consult a sexologist in Delhi for penis enlargement treatment in Delhi without being hesitated and embarrassed.

There is no best-known cause for having a small penis. Basically, it happens due to the lack of nutrition and an unhealthy diet. Some believe that a small penis is genetic.

How to get a better penis size?

The solution of a small penis size problem ranges from manual exercise to stretching device and surgical press to enhance the blood flow inside the penis. For a permanent solution, you need to consult an expert for the surgical procedure. If you are thinking of taking pills and lotions to increase the penis size, then you should drop that idea, as only 5% got succeed to have their delighted results.

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