How to Fuck Better – 14 Things Every Man Should Do in Bed

In this blog post, I decided to keep it simple and straight to the point. In no particular order, it contains fourteen things that you should do if you want to fuck better.

 Unfortunately, a lot of men are not even aware of them. If you want to learn how to fuck better, this blog post is for you.

Enjoy the Sex

First and foremost I want to point out that sex is about enjoyment. It’s good that you want to improve in bed and learn how to fuck better. By becoming great in bed both you and your woman will experience so much pleasure and happiness.

However, to be able to get better in bed you should always remember that sex isn’t about performing. Seeing it as something where you have to perform will create performance anxiety. You will neither enjoy it or be good at it. And if you don’t enjoy it, your woman will probably neither.

Just have fun instead, sex should be about having fun. Enjoy what you experience and what happens regardless of how it goes. Orgasms are great but even this should never be a goal, to enjoy the sex and have fun, is way more important. Skip the goals and have fun when you’re having sex.

Be Passionate

To fuck better it’s also great to be passionate about fucking. Let it be heard and seen that you enjoy it.

Just as we men love it when our woman is passionate in bed, women love to be with a passionate man. And just as you are looking for ways to make women feel more pleasure in bed, most women want to make you feel more pleasure as well. By letting it be seen and heard that you enjoy it, your woman will enjoy it even more.

Pay Attention

How to Fuck Better – 14 Things Every Man Should Do in Bed

One of the most important parts of being good in bed is to pay attention to your woman. There are definitely techniques and ways to make women feel amazing in bed. Since everyone is different you have to pay attention to your woman.

Learn what she likes, and how she likes it. Everything from which techniques she enjoys most, which positions her favorites are, to the tiniest little details. Pay attention to her and calibrate what you are doing according to her reactions.

Be Generous

Although this could be an obvious tip for some, it still worthy of being on the list since some men don’t even realize when they are selfish. According to women I’ve talked to, too many men finish when they finish so to speak. Don’t be one of these men.

Instead, use your mouth or hands to make sure your woman has an amazing experience. And maybe you’ll even be ready for a second round after?

As in any other occasion, to give more than you take is a great mentality to have for learning how to fuck better.

Talk During Sex

When I talk about talking during sex, I don’t talk about insecure comments like “does this feel good”. Sure it is great to know if your woman is enjoying it, but this type of comment is a turn-off. Instead, pay attention to your woman, see how she reacts and you will see if she enjoys it.

If you want to find out what your woman likes, asking her about it after the sex is the way to do it. While you’re still in bed just after you finished having sex is a great time to talk about sex. This way you’re building towards even better sex in the future.

When I talk about talking during sex, I talk about self-confident dirty talk. A lot of women really like dirty talk. Talking dirty as you fuck your woman is a great way of enhancing her emotions and she will enjoy being fucked even more.

Study Different Ways to Please Women

To learn how to fuck better it’s of course great to study and learn about different ways to please women in bed.

Lead in Bed

you should lead when you're fucking

Since most women are submissive, they love it when the man leads in bed. If you don’t already lead in bed, learning how to lead will really make you fuck so much better.

By being a man who takes charge and leads in bed, you will help your woman to let loose of her inner passion.

Last Longer in Bed

Unfortunately, most men last around 6 min in bed while most women need around 13 minutes to reach orgasms. If you belong to most men and if you want to learn how to fuck better, then you should definitely learn how to last longer than 6 min.

For most men learning how to last longer is about learning how to relax when they have sex.

Be Creative

To be good at fucking you can’t just fuck in the same way the whole time. It doesn’t matter if something is amazing from the start, if you keep on doing the same thing over and over it will not be that amazing after a while. Instead, be creative and switch things up. Also don’t just be mechanical in your thrusting.

However, switching too much between too many different positions is not great. Give your woman time to relax and enjoy it.

Fucking is So Much More Than What you Do With Your Hip

To be better at fucking you also have to be aware that fucking is not only what you do with your hip. Fucking involves fingering, eating pussy, foreplay afterglow, and everything in between.

Most women actually don’t even come by just penetration alone. Instead, they need clitoral stimulation to come. So make sure you pay some good attention to your partner’s clitoris. But also realize that women have so many more erogenous zones. Even though it’s not technically fucking, having fun and exploring these will make you much better at fucking.

The Importance of Foreplay

Foreplay is a huge part of having sex and if you want to learn how to fuck better, then you need to pay attention to the foreplay. Longer foreplay will actually even increase the likelihood of your woman reaching an orgasm.

Exercise to Fuck Better

To fuck better, being in a reasonably good physical condition is a good idea. So if you don’t already work out I recommend you to begin. Not only will good stamina be good in the bedroom, but doing some kind of physical activity will also make you more comfortable in your body, which will increase your self-confidence.

By being more confident in bed you will also fuck better.

Use Lubricant

using lube will make you better at fucking

Lubricant is great for making sex more enjoyable. For different reasons sometimes women can be really horny and want to have sex without being super wet. If you then have lube available, it will be highly appreciated.

If you’re having sex with a condom it’s also great to have some extra lube on the condom. And a few drops of lube in the container of the condom will make the sex even more enjoyable. Another time when lube is great is during finger fucking.

More Physical Contact

Physical contact during sex is a great way to enhance the feeling and improve the sex. The more the merrier. Hold on to your woman tenderly or fuck her hard and pin her hands towards the bed.

Eye contact is also great for making the sex emotional, and kissing during fucking is a great way to make the sex better and hotter.

Fuck Her Better Than She’s Ever Been Fucked Before

In this blog post, you’ve hopefully learned lots of great tips. If you apply them you should become a lot better in bed than most guys.

However, If you are serious about learning how to fuck better, consult the best sexologist in Delhi.

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