Does penis size matter?

What is the perfect penis size? This question bothers many men, but unfortunately, the answer is not as easy as you might expect. Research on this subject has been ongoing for years, but it still brings different results. It is known for certain that the size of a penis is genetic and is related to belonging to a given race.

The longest penis in the world, exceeding an average of 17 cm, can be proud of the inhabitants of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ecuador and Ghana. Among Europeans, the most generous nature has bestowed Hungarians (on average 16.1 cm), and the smallest penis have Asians (Koreans 9.66 cm, Japanese 10.92 cm, Thai people 10.16 cm). Poles are not bad against this background, because the average penis size during erection is 14.29 cm. This summary was created on the basis of surveys carried out by the Australian National Agency for Health and Welfare. Does it reflect reality? It is hard to say, Australian researchers themselves admit that they took the respondents’ words.

More reliable, though highly averaged, are the latest research by English scientists from the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. They took into account measurements made by doctors in 15.5 thousand men around the world. And it turned out that at rest the average penis is 9.16 cm long and 9.31 cm in circumference. When erection occurs, the penis grows on average to 13.12 cm, and its circumference increases to 11.66 cm. The authors of the study add that 17-18 cm long penis occurred in 2 men out of 100. One percent of the subjects had a 20 cm long penis. 

Still another study was performed on a group of 50,000 residents of European Union countries. 66 percent of them have a medium-sized penis, 22 percent, a large penis, and 12% – small penis. Over half of the respondents were satisfied with the size of their birth. 

How to measure your penis size?

The discrepancy in dimensions is often the result of this, men make many mistakes when measuring themselves. The penis should always be measured from the pubic bone to the tip of the glans, not including the foreskin. The circumference must be measured either at the base of the penis or half its length, always in erection. Penis measured at rest does not give a full picture, because during erection it can be extended by up to 100 percent. Measurement is also disturbed by: strong hair, belly fat and measuring from above. It turns out that most men who report to a doctor with a small penis complex simply cannot measure it accurately. 

Does size matter to a woman?

The size of the penis is not accidental, it is evolutionary, because we remember that the main task that nature provided for the penis is to leave the semen in the vagina and thus extend the species. Therefore, its size is associated with the size of the female genital organs. The average length of a white female vagina reaches 10 and 11cm. Considering the issues of satisfying women’s sexual sensations, the length of the penis is not that important either. Its volume is more important because most receptors are located in the lateral walls of the vagina. In addition, the most innervated part of a woman’s intimate places is the clitoris and vulva, and the first 10 centimeters of the vagina. That’s why over 60 percent of women admit that penis length matters less to them than thickness.

Why the penis suddenly decreased

Penis size is not only genetically determined, but it is also affected by lifestyle and sexual activity. Gentlemen with a small penis complex often avoid sexual contact, without realizing that the lack of active erotic life causes the disappearance of cavernous trabecula and disrupts testosterone in the male body. The penile size is also badly affected by erectile dysfunction, during which blood circulation in the cavernous bodies of the penis is worse. This can lead to muscle wasting. Therefore, instead of cultivating complexes in solitude, it is worth breaking the shame and reaching for the help of a sexologist in Delhi