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What Women Like During Sex

What Women Like During Sex

In this blog post I will go through what ten different women answered to my question regarding what they like the man to do during sex.

Surprisingly or maybe unsurprisingly a lot women liked one thing in particular.

I will also go through exactly how you as a man can become better at doing these things.

Lets dive in.

Answer One to What Women Like During Sex

That he takes control, that it’s rough isn’t bad.”

For a lot of men who have grown up in todays society with focus on gender equality, it can be difficult to understand that a lot of women like it when the man is dominant during sex. Women want and should be treated with respect.

However what’s important to note is that it’s a difference between the erotic reality during sex and the everyday reality. Since a lot of women are submissive they like it when the man physically takes control and lead them during sex.

To learn exactly how to do this I recommend my post on how to take charge as a man.

Answer Two – Dominance

What Women Like During Sex

When he is both dominant and responsive. When he is interested in how he can make it nice for his (sex) partner, rather than focus on how he can get her where he wants.”

To me this answer actually hit the nail on the head. If you want to be good in bed being dominant and being responsive, is one of the most important things. If you’re just dominant some girls may really like it. But to most girls even if they like it the first time, you will eventually probably just come across as a selfish douche bag.

However if you mix being dominant with being responsive to what your woman likes, then you will be good in bed. So pay attention to your woman, see what she likes and help her to get there.

Answer Three – The Importance of Diversity

Having diversity in your repertoire. I am not talking about positions or techniques necessarily. It’s the seeds of creativity in bed!”

Regardless of how much you like something from the beginning, if you keep on doing exactly the same thing over and over again it does get more boring. That’s why you need to vary what you’re doing. To be able to be creative and vary, it’s great to have an array of techniques and tips to draw inspiration from and play around with.

In this blog you will get tons of inspiration and in The Master Key, you will get even more.

Answer Four – Women Like Dirty Talk During Sex

I love it when he excites me by talking dirty.”

The fourth woman answering my questions is far from the only woman who loves dirty talk. Unfortunately if you were like me before I began to improve my sex skills, dirty talk doesn’t exactly come naturally. Besides maybe in the odd porn clip dirty talk is not something we have a lot of experience from, so how are we supposed to know how to do it?

My main quick tip regarding dirty talk is to start out light just talking about what you’re experiencing during the sex. If you get positive reactions and as your woman gets more and more aroused you make the talk dirtier and dirtier.

If you want to get tips on exactly the best things to talk about and how to say them. No worries, in The Master Key I have a whole chapter dedicated to dirty talk.

Answer Five – Passion

When he’s turned on by my body.”

The psychological aspects of great sex are hugely important for women, and you being turned on by your woman and showing this in a passionate way is one part of those.

A lot of women have things about their body that they are not 100 percent comfortable with. If you show them that they are amazingly sexy and hot to you, then they will feel amazingly sexy and hot instead of uncomfortable. Also show that it’s not only their pussy and breasts that turns you on and that you are interested in. Pay attention to and give love to their whole body.

Answer Six – A Special Foreplay Technique

When they start to kiss me slowly from the neck through all the body.”

Just like the above answer, this answer shows the importance of not only paying attention to the woman’s sexual spots. Sex for women, is about so much more than just the actual penetration.

Foreplay is highly important for women. A longer foreplay will even increase the likelihood of the woman reaching orgasm. To learn more about this I recommend my blogpost “how to make her cum“. And to learn more foreplay tips I recommend my blogposts: foreplay techniques and the ultimate foreplay guide.

Answer Seven – Women like Self Confidence

That he is sure in himself. I love self-confidence in his performance and in his body.”

Being self confident in bed is key to being good in bed, and a lot of times guys can be really self confident in other areas of their life’s but not so confident in bed. This has to do with the fact that self confidence often can be situational specific.

If you want to learn more about how increase your confidence in bed, I recommend my blogpost on how to become more confident in bed.

Answer Eight – Taking Control in a Relaxed Manner

That he is relaxed but controls the situation.”

As you probably have noticed by now. A man that takes control and is self confident, turned out to be the overall theme in a majority of these answers. So if you’re only bringing one take away from reading this text, the importance of confidently taking control, is the one.

However, the above answer also highlights the importance of being relaxed in the situation. Being easy going and with a mind frame that everything that happens in bed always is completely normal is great.

Nothing should surprise or rattle you and nothing during sex should be strange. Keep your cool, no matter what happens or how your partner reacts. Make her understand that you think everything in a sexual situation is natural and sexy.

Answer Nine – Women Love Sex in Exciting Places

sex on the beach

Exciting public places.”

Women love exciting taboo sex in public places. If you never experienced this you should definitely try it out. The excitement of getting caught ads to the overall sensations and increases how hot the sex is.

Make sure to talk about how you actually shouldn’t be doing this, as you’re giving in to your desire.

Last but not Least – The Tenth Answer to What Women Like During Sex

Dominance is a huge turn on. I mean taking charge of my body especially with non-verbal cues. Anticipating what to do when and for how long. Basically a man being instinctively aware of what he is doing rather than trying to figure out what to do based on stuff he has been told or saw.”

To round off this blog post, the last answer follows the theme of dominance. It also emphasize the importance of paying attention instead of being mechanical, and the importance of being instinctively aware of what you’re doing.

How to Become Amazing in Bed

Becoming instinctively good at something is not easy. But its definitely a lot easier if you study the topic and learn all the best techniques and ideas. If you are interested in this, meet best sexologist in Delhi to get the answer of all questions.

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How to Make Love to a Woman

How to Make Love to a Woman

On this website, you’ll find plenty of actionable tips and techniques that will improve your sex skills. However, in this post I decided to narrow it down a bit. As I wrote in my post what makes a man a great lover you can’t just be great at fucking to be a great lover. Regardless of how cheesy you think it may sound; you also need to know how to make love to a woman.

In this post you will learn exactly this, 10 tips and lovemaking techniques that you can use when you really want to make love to your woman.

Although these type of lovemaking techniques may not be everyone’s cup of tea or every occasion type of things, they should still be in every man’s repertoire. Lets dive in.

The Setting

When we’re talking about making love, the first thing to consider is the setting. As making love to a woman is about giving her your undivided attention, you need to create a setting where you are allowing yourself to do this. Make sure to turn off and disconnect from everything that can disturb the moment.

You also need to allocate enough time. All though a quick fuck actually can be great sex, love making is about taking time. When it comes to the setting of the act you want to use things like candles and incense. Creating a romantic setting is important when you want to make love to your woman.


How to Make Love to a Woman

When you are touching another person the hormone oxytocin gets released. Oxytocin makes us feel close and attached to our partner and it’s usually called the body’s love hormone. This is why touching is so important to lovemaking and part of the reason why a long foreplay is highly important.

On top of this a long foreplay will make your woman disconnect from the stress of everyday life and allow her to fully focus on the love that you give her.

If you want specific tips and techniques that you can use, you can check out my posts the definite foreplay guide and foreplay techniques. However, slow and sensual should be your guiding words.

Make sure to not only focus on all her “sexual parts”. Giving love and appreciating every little part of her body is how you make love to a woman. Let her feel and know that all her body parts are sensual and sexy to you.

Love exploring your woman, whether it’s the first or 1000th time you have sex.

You can also incorporate emotional talk. Tell her how beautiful she is, and tell her about all her body parts that you love. In case you love her, tell her that you love her. Tell her exactly what it is about her that you love.

Another way to make the foreplay more emotional is to look your woman in her eyes. At times you look with love and desire deep into her eyes and at other times you look with power and sexual confidence deep into her eyes.

Be in and Enjoy the Moment

To make love to a woman you need to be in the moment. Without any distracting thoughts you give your woman your undivided attention.

On top of receiving so much more from the experience when you are fully present and really enjoy the sex, this will be contagious. Your woman will notice how much you enjoy her and the moment, she will be inspired and enjoy it even more herself.

Imagine any other type of activity, and someone who really has fun and enjoys the activity. You can also imagine the opposite. How could you be a good lover if you don’t enjoy what you do? An infectious joy is highly important when you make love to a woman.

Enjoy every little sensation while you make tender and sensual love to her. If thoughts about your favorite team or that annoying coworker come up, let them go and return your attention to your woman.

The more in the moment you manage to be, the better the lovemaking experience will be for both of you.

Use Your Breathing

One way to become more in the moment during sex is to use your breathing. Since breathing often is influenced by and influences how you feel, only becoming more aware of your breathing, can make you more aware during sex.

In order to become more aware of and get a better connection with your partner, you can synchronize your breathing with hers. When you synchronize your breathing with someone else, you also match your state of mind, level of excitement and what you’re feeling. Instead of making love individually, you start making love together.

Eye Contact

make love with eye contact

Using eye contact during sex is a great way to take sex from just sex to love making.

Either you watch your partner deep into the eyes for short but emotional moments. Or focus the entire act around eye contact.

If you want to do the latter, you can begin with very sensual and slow sex. Then start looking into your woman’s eyes. Make sure to not just to look at them, but look deep inside them. If she’s closing her eyes or you notice that she’s glancing in a different direction, you tell her that you want her to look into your eyes.

Stop or slow down until she looks you in the eyes again. Tell her that you want her to look you in your eyes the whole time you’re inside her.

You can also talk about how close you are to each other, what you feel for her, and how you almost blend into one single person.

Eye Contact During her Orgasm

Without losing eye contact, you eventually try to synchronize your orgasm. To make your woman’s orgasm become really emotional, you can also make sure she looks into your eyes when she comes. Do this by telling her to look you in the eyes when you notice that she’s about to come. Something that you also can combine with angling her head towards you by holding her hair in a grip close to the hair roots.

If your woman comes hard, it may be difficult for her to look into your eyes. In that case, try to slow down until she looks you in the eyes. Then you return to the original tempo once you have eye contact again.

However, unless you are looking for a long-term relationship, you should be careful with this lovemaking technique. Looking the man in the eyes while achieving orgasm, is extremely emotional for some women. Even so emotionally that it sometimes leads to love.

Get into Tantra

My Tantra teacher used to say that when you have sex in a tantric way, you don’t have sex just because you feel an itch in your pants and you want to masturbate in your woman. You make love with her because you want to share everything and become one with her. You want to see the universe in her eyes. Thus getting into and experimenting with Tantra is a great way of adding more love to your sex.

When you make tantric love together, the key is to take it very slowly and enjoy every step of the process, from foreplay to penetration and orgasms. Often tantric sex also involves a lot of eye contact, and thus becomes very emotional.

One way of mixing the basics of Tantra with regular love making is to meditate and visualize how your sexual energy fills your chest (heart chakra) before you have sex. Then you have sex in an extra loving way, focusing on giving and light touch.

You can also add synchronized breathing to this type of lovemaking. Or let your lips meet as if you would kiss each other and take turns breathing in and exhaling. One person inhaling while the other is exhaling.

If you really want to learn more about Tantra I recommend you to take a course.  Regardless of if these things feel a bit to hippie to you, I’m sure it will be an interesting and developing experience.

Lead Her

when you make love you lead

To lead your woman is important regardless of if you’re just having sex or if you are making love. In my post on how to take charge in bed you’ll get plenty of tips regarding leading.

When you eventually learn how to become really good in bed, you will lead your woman to new levels of pleasure. Pleasure that she will love being led into, and that you will love leading her to. This will eventually result in her becoming even more responsive to you, and you taking her into even higher levels of pleasure. Levels she could hardly dream of before.

Make Love With Passion

Being passionate is another thing that’s highly important for love making. You don’t make love using your intellect, you make love with passion.

Think about how hot it is when you are with a woman who is loud and passionate in bed. It’s the same for women, they also enjoy it more when they are with a man who really enjoys sex and is not too shy to show it. Unfortunately, most men are far too quiet.

You don’t need to scream like a female porn star, or give away a jungle roar every time you get an orgasm. But allow yourself to have self-confidence and to be comfortable with being a passionate sexual masculine creature. Your woman will love it. You should also dare to express yourself vocally. If your woman has said that she loves you, you can tell her how much you love her while you’re inside her.

Let yourself go and let sex be something amazing that influences you in a powerful way, show this without guilt or shyness.

Let your feelings flow freely, live and love with passion.

The Afterglow  

man who knows how to make love to a woman

The afterglow can be a very important part of sex and of lovemaking, but it doesn’t have to be. Unfortunately, many men all too often go for the latter. Mission accomplished, you got what you were looking for, and hopefully your woman got the same (if not, you should check out my post on how to make her cum). To have this mind frame however is a mistake.

According to statistics a higher duration of post sex affection leads to both higher sexual satisfaction and relationship satisfaction. Especially for women.

The afterglow is an opportunity to share feelings and together enjoy the amazing moment you just experienced. For many women, it is also very emotionally important and they can be emotionally vulnerable.

In fact, the love hormone oxytocin is released throughout the entire foreplay and sex act. But the maximum amount gets released one minute after orgasm.

Thus, the afterglow may be one of the most emotionally bonding moments you can share with a woman. Kisses and hugs often become extra loving. Keeping your woman close and telling her about how close to her you feel or felt during the sex is a great way to share this affectionate moment.

Become an Amazing Lover

There you go, now you’ve got some great advice and lovemaking techniques. After having read this post on how to make love to a woman, you should have a pretty good idea on how you can go from just having sex to actually making love to a woman.

If you want to continue your studies and become the best lover your woman has ever been with, consult best sexologist in Delhi.

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How your weight affects your sex drive

How your weight affects your sex drive

Not feeling in the mood lately? Your weight might be to blame. Being overweight isn’t just an unpleasant experience because you can’t fit into your clothes. Extra body fat can lead to heart and other health problems. And, it can also affect your sex life.

For both men and women, high levels of body fat mean higher levels of a chemical called “sex hormone binding globulin”. When there’s too much, you may lose your sexual appetite.

Heavy weight, low sex-drive

Knowing the different ways sexual drive is affected by your weight can help motivate you to get into shape and teach you how to get it back.

Positions are a struggle

There’s no denying that sex is physical and one or both partners being overweight makes moving into different positions more difficult. This also affects how much pleasure you might feel, as certain positions may not be possible.

Climaxing isn’t guaranteed

When you’re overweight there’s a decrease in blood flow to your genitals because the extra weight makes your blood vessels narrow. Your genitals need proper blood flow to reach an orgasm. If you’re too thin, this can also affect your ability to climax, since it can affect testosterone and libido (sex drive) levels.

How it affects women

Being overweight can affect your pleasure button, ladies. Susan Kellogg, director of sexual medicine at the Pelvic and Sexual Health Institute of Graduate Hospital in Philadelphia, found that the width of the blood vessels leading to the clitoris (the area of the vagina most closely related to sexual response) are affected by blockages that impact blood flow. When this happens, a woman’s sexual desire lowers, making you feel less in the mood to get frisky.

Read  How to diagnose and treat syphilis

Other conditions can be to blame

Weight gain plays a big role in both high cholesterol and insulin resistance (resistance to the hormone insulin, which leads to increased blood sugar) and both conditions have an impact on sexual performance, especially in men. These conditions can cause tiny arteries in the penis to shut down when vessels are clogged with too much fat. Erectile dysfunction (when a man can’t get or keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse) is often the unhappy result.

It may affect fertility

If you and your partner have been trying to get it on in the hopes of getting pregnant but are struggling, your weight may be the culprit. Your weight affects fertility because it influences the amount of oestrogen in your body, which is important when wanting to fall pregnant. It may prevent regular ovulation (when eggs are available to be fertilised by a male sperm) which causes you to release less oestrogen. On the other hand, being underweight may cause you to release less oestrogen which also hampers fertility. Both partners affect fertility though, as weight affects levels of testosterone, too.

Get Back Your Drive

Although being overweight affects sexual performance and sex drive in many ways, the good news is that you can make some changes to help your libido.

You can:

  • Lose a little weight to stimulate sex hormones.
  • Eat more nutritious foods, which control cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
  • Exercise regularly to get blood flowing to your pelvic area.
  • Pick up a sexy novel or watch a sexy movie.
  • Accept your body at any size because feeling better about yourself helps.
  • Embrace your sensuality.
  • Consult sexologist in Delhi

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Thrusting Techniques That Will Drive Her Wild


During my journey to become awesome in bed, I researched and experimented with everything that could enhance a woman’s pleasure. And a long time ago, when I sucked at sex and before I began to give women multiple orgasms, thrusting techniques was one of the first things I experimented with.

However, I soon discovered that it’s actually not all in the hip, and that great thrusting techniques alone will not exactly make you an amazing lover.

With that said, when you are having sex, different types of thrusting techniques can often be fun and exciting to experiment with. They will definitely spice up the sex. And if you use the right one with the right woman, it can lead to some very intense orgasms. On top of this, a thrusting repertoire will also make you stand out from all the repetitive in and out guys.

In this post I share my favorite thrusting techniques. Lets dive in.

Taoist Thrusting

Taoist thrusting is an ancient and appreciated method that
you perform as follows. Slowly slide all the way in and then almost completely
out again. After this you make 9 shallow thrusts and then 1 deep. Continue with
8 shallow and 2 deep, 7 shallow, and 3 deep, till you come to 1 shallow and 9
deep. You can then turn around and go back all the way, 2 shallow 8 deep, etc.
Be sure to never pull out completely during these thrusts.

Taoist Thrusting with a Twist

If you want to experiment a bit with the Taoist thrusting, you can use the Taoist thrusting with a twist. Instead of shallow and deep, you then shift between slow sensual thrusts and hard fast thrusts. 9 slow sensual 1 hard fast, 8 slow sensual 2 hard fast, etc. This is my personal twist to Taoist Thrusting and a thrusting technique that I’ve been getting great results from.

Since Taoist thrusting often is appreciated, it’s a fun
thrusting technique to experiment with. However, to always have to keep track
of numbers while you’re fucking, is not great. So make sure you don’t use these
thrusting techniques too often.

Deep and Shallow and
the Hip Roll

Simply switching between shallow thrusts and deep thrusts without counting is another thrusting technique you can try. This can be hot for your partner and allows you to be more in the present than the Taoist Thrusting. On top of this, shallow thrusting can also help you to last longer.

A good approach is to start the sex with shallow thrusting,
and stroke deep sometimes. Your woman will love the contrast between the two. Then
you increase the use of deep thrusting as your woman becomes more aroused.

You can also start out the sex with only extremely slow and shallow thrusting. Then you very slowly build up to deeper and faster thrusting.

Another type of thrusting technique that you can use is to roll your hip in different directions while you’re fucking. If you are a stiff European/Caucasian man and unless you are used to Latin dance, a smooth hip roll may be a bit difficult to pull off. But by practicing you will improve your skills.

Coital Alignment Technique

When you are having missionary sex with your woman you can try the Coital Alignment Technique. Instead of normal thrusting you slide higher up on your woman. And with the dick only partially inside, you use more of an isolated pelvic movement while thrusting.

When you use this thrusting technique your hip and pelvic bone should rub against your woman’s clitoris. Thus if your woman comes easier by clitoral stimulation added to the sex, which most women do, then this thrusting technique is great to use.

General Experimentation

Since women have different preferences, you should definitely experiment to find out what your woman likes. As you experiment you will come up with great new techniques as well as refine old ones.

You can experiment by thrusting with different speed, depths and directions of the cock. And even just try to focus on thrusting in one direction of the vagina during an extended period of time.

Pay attention to how your woman reacts from your experimentation, learn from it and hone your thrusting skills. However, be aware that if you experiment too much during the same sex, it’s not unlikely that your woman thinks it’s too jerky. In a negative way.

A woman wants to be able to relax and enjoy the sex. If the man is changing tempo and rhythm every second as if he’s a sexually frustrated teenager, it will not be great for her.

Switch Between Sensual and Hard

Switching between sensual sex and hard however is good. Sometimes you experience the enjoyment of every little feeling while you make tender and sensual love. Other times you smash it hard and give it all, like a man fresh of a deserted island, who hasn’t seen the glimpse of a woman for years.

You don’t need to be afraid of fucking too hard, a woman who is about to come can be fucked very hard. In fact, during an orgasm women’s sensitivity to pain decreases by more than half compared to when they are resting. While the sense of touch even can be enhanced.

Add Other Types of Stimulation

Like I wrote above, fucking is definitely not all about the hip. As you are fucking you should also combine it with other types of stimulation. To get some inspiration you can check out my post on foreplay techniques. Most of the techniques in that post can actually also be used while you’re having sex.

Fuck her Like She Never has Been Fucked Before

Thrusting techniques are great, and you should experiment with all of the above. But they will not make you an amazing lover. If you want to continue learning how you give her the best sex she’s had in her entire life, by far, then I recommend to consult best sexologist in Delhi.

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how to cum hard

How to Cum Hard – The Ultimate Guide to Better Orgasms for Men

Here you’ll learn all the best tips on how to cum hard, which actually also will make your woman enjoy the sex even more.

Why Learning How to Come Hard Not Only Will Be Great for You

Just as your partner’s orgasm obviously is important to you, your orgasm and how you cum is very important to your partner. Your partner wants you to enjoy the sex. When she see’s and hears how hard you’re cuming and how much you’re enjoying the sex, she will love it.

Thus learning how to come hard and having a better orgasm, will not only feel great to you. It will also be be very pleasurable for your partner.

Things That Will Make You Cum Harder

To come as hard as possible, you can experiment with the following:

A Long Build Up

First of all, to be able to cum hard you want a long buildup. The longer the buildup the more sexual tension will have to be released once you cum. This will increase the likelihood that you will have a better orgasm and cum hard. Thus having a long build up is a pre requisite for cumming hard.

By having a long buildup means having sex for a long time, but also spending time and building up your arousal during foreplay. If you find it difficult to last for a long time during sex I recommend my guide on lasting longer. And for tips on foreplay I recommend my posts: the definite foreplay guide, foreplay ideas and teasing.


Another great technique to cum hard is the concept of edging. When you’re edging you take yourself as close to orgasm as possible. Then you slow down and decrease your arousal level for a bit until you resume and again reach the edge of orgasm. You can do this for a few times until you decide to let go and finally give in to a very powerful orgasm.

This is something you can practice both on your own and with your woman. Besides making you cum hard, this technique is also great for learning how to last longer and gives your woman plenty of time to have her orgasm. Basically a triple win.

Learning to How to Cum Hard Without Ejaculation and How to Have Multiple Orgasms

Practicing edging is also the way you learn how to have multiple orgasms (yes, it is definitely possible). Orgasm and ejaculation doesn’t have to be the same thing and actually the orgasm occurs slightly before the ejaculation.

Since the ejaculation is what makes you need a break after orgasm, learning how to separate the two and not ejaculate, will make you be able to have multiple orgasms. You do this by strengthening your pc-muscles and learning how to get closer and closer to ejaculation, without ejaculating.

Learning this can take a long time, but it will definitely make you cum hard. If you want to learn more about how to have multiple orgasms I recommend this guide.

The Best Sex Toys for a Powerful orgasm

Sex toys have been highly popular among women for a long time and for some strange reason it’s been a bit taboo for men. Luckily this has changed. Now there’s a wide range of sex toys available for men. If you want to cum harder, I recommend you to take advantage of this.

If you want to try a sex toy that will make you cum hard while you’re alone, I recommend giving a stroker a go. For better orgasms when you’re having sex with your woman, vibrating cock rings or prostate massagers are great. Vibrating cock rings are especially good since they provide stimulation for both you and your woman.

If you’re interested in learning more about the above mentioned sex toys, I recommend these guides on: strokers, prostate massagers and cock rings.

Intensify the Orgasm With Breathing

To reduce distractions and really just be 100 percent focused on the orgasm is also great for making the orgasm more intense. You want to be totally relaxed and in the moment during orgasm.

One way of experimenting with this is by fucking your woman slowly. Inhale deeply and visualize pulling up your orgasm throughout your entire body as you’re cumming.

Experiment with Anal Stimulation

If you are not homophobic and feel comfortable with it, you can try letting your woman give you some anal stimulation with a come here motion towards your stomach. However, make sure your woman is well manicured before, and use lots of lube.

In fact, it is well known that men respond well to this kind of anal stimulation. But because of the homoerotic connection, men are usually not very excited about trying it out.

If you’re not yet comfortable enough to experiment with anal stimulation, you can also try to experiment with perineum stimulation. The perineum is the area between the anal and your balls. Just like the anal it contains a lot of nerve endings. Try stroking it or putting pressure on it in different ways or ask your partner to do it during sex.

Adding Different types of Stimulation

To increase the feeling during orgasm adding extra physical simulation of other areas can create the feeling of a blended orgasm. This could include things like stimulation of balls, nipple stimulation, prostate play or even just kissing. According to a study 51.7 % of all men reported that nipple stimulation increased their arousal.

A special technique that some men have reported being good for a better orgasm is lifting the balls closer to the body. However others seems to prefer tugging of the balls and there’s even sex toys to help out with this.

The only way to know what you prefer, is by having your woman and yourself play around.

Also Experiment With the Following Tips

  • Use Lube – To have a great orgasm you of course also want to have as pleasurable sex as possible. To have enjoyable sex a lot of people do the mistake on relying on natural lubrication. No need for doing this mistake. A good lube often makes the sex a whole lot better. This is especially true if you’re using condoms.
  • Live A Healthy Life Style – A bad diet and high alcohol intake may infer with your blood circulation and cause a high blood pressure. This can infer both with your orgasm and erection. A nutrient dense diet and good work out on the other hand will provide a testosterone boost that will be great for your sex life. And according to this study a higher percentage of satisfying orgasms correlated with an improvement in fitness.
  • Look Into Your Woman’s Eyes – It can be very pleasurable and emotional for you to look deep into your woman’s eyes when you reach orgasm.

If you’re Having Difficulties Cuming

If you are experiencing the inability to reach orgasms at all, medication is an option and you should consult you sexologist in Delhi regarding this.

Studies on the drug cabergoline for treating men with orgasm inability has been carried out with good results. However before using it you should of course get medical advice from your sex specialist in Delhi.

Learn How to Cum Harder With PC Muscle Training

Our PC muscles are the muscles that control our pelvic floor. To be able to have orgasm without ejaculation as well as multiple orgasms, pc-muscle training is crucial.

Stronger PC muscles will also make everything from your erection to ejaculation and orgasm more powerful. On top of this, it will give you better control over your ejaculation. Thus if you’re interested in anything of the above, you should train your PC muscles.

As with other muscles, we all have different strength in our PC muscles. And just as you can strengthen your biceps through exercise, you can also train and strengthen your PC muscles. If you constantly challenge yourself as you train them, they will become very strong.

How to Train Your PC-Muscles

You train your pc-muscles by performing different contraction exercises, so-called Kegels. These are performed very easily by first contracting the PC muscle, and then letting go. Something you can do at anytime and anywhere, without any preparation or specific tools.

If you don’t have any previous experience from these exercises, start by peeing. As you pee, you then stop the beam by using the muscles in your pelvis area. The muscles that you use when you stop the pee from coming, are your PC muscles. You are now aware of which muscles you are going to exercise, and ready to start exercising.

Different PC-Muscle Training Programs

As with training of all other muscles, the exercises can be performed in a number of sets and reps. The amount you should start with depends on the basic strength of your muscles.

Some different programs that you can experiment with are:

  • Contract and hold for a second, then let go, repeat this 50-100 times.
  • Contract for up to ten seconds and alternate with breaks of about five seconds. Try doing these ten times.
  • Keep your muscle contracted for three seconds, relax for three seconds and contracted for another three seconds. This can be repeated ten times initially and preferably performed up to three times a day. Also mix these with mini contractions lasting for a second, for example in sets of 20.

More PC-Muscle Training Tips

Eventually, as you become stronger, you should increase the amount of time you hold your contractions and experiment with different variations on the above suggestions.

You can for example vary the sessions between doing a lot of short and a few long contractions. Experimenting with stopping and continuing the pee while peeing is also good.

If you want to test how strong you are, you can start by placing a handkerchief over your hard cock and see if you can lift it up. Then proceed with a wet handkerchief and eventually switch to a wet towel. You can also place a wet cloth on top of your penis when it’s hard and exercise with this as a weight.

There are a variety of mobile applications for training the PC muscles. If you feel that you’re having trouble getting a daily exercise routine going, I recommend that you use one of these.

Using the PC muscle while you’re coming is also something you can experiment with to cum harder. For example, try to hold off from coming until you absolutely can’t do it any longer and then let go, or to push out with the PC muscle.

If you have an open verbal communication with your woman and she also trains her PC muscle, you can experiment with her contracting and tightening the pussy just when you’re about to come. This will for sure make you cum hard.

Enjoy the Orgasm

Once you’re cuming hard, you should be clear with this so your woman sees it and can enjoy the event. Don’t be afraid to make sounds and live out your orgasm.

If a lively female orgasm is something that you appreciate, you surely understand that your partner can appreciate a real male orgasm. But for that matter, you may not always have to give of a super load jungle roar.

Cum Hard in Different Ways

You can also vary your orgasm by coming in a variety of ways.

Cuming Inside Her

The most emotional way for your woman is usually when you fill her with semen. To do this, however, sex without a condom is required.

Before sex without a condom, you should of course always make sure that your woman doesn’t have any STIs. And that she uses some kind of protection unless you’re planning to have kids.

One of the hottest ways to come inside a woman is to fill her with your sperm during G-spot sex. Then keep holding her stuck in the position while you slide out. Let her enjoy having your sperms inside, before releasing the legs and slowly letting the sperms drip out.

Cuming on Her

You can also experiment with cuming on her, something however not all women are open to. When you cum on her, you should first resist as long as possible. This way, you will cum with a big and exciting load. If you plan to cum on her face, be careful not to spray her in the eyes and hair.

Cuming on your women’s face, however, is a technique that you should use sparingly. Unless you notice that she really loves it.

Cuming in Her Mouth

To cum hard in your woman’s mouth can be an amazing feeling. One way of doing this is to have sex until you feel that you’re about to come. Then take out the cock and bring it confidently towards her mouth so she starts to suck you off. Alternatively, you more or less fuck or jerk of into her mouth.

However, as you take out your cock you should insert your fingers and continue fingering her. That way, your partner will continue to enjoy it and even associate the pleasure with your cock in her mouth. Since she is enjoying herself, her will to take your load in her mouth is going to increase.

You can also grab her own hand and bring it towards the clit so she can help herself. Hopefully your woman will reach orgasm, or at least feel strong enjoyment, while she takes your seeds in her mouth. She thus connects these things and becomes even more eager to do it next time.

If you notice that your woman is not very keen on taking the sperm in her mouth, you can instead give her a breast or facial painting.

Fuck Her Like She Never Has Been Fucked Before

In this blog post you have learned lots of great tips on how you can cum Harder. If you are interested in continuing your journey, I recommend: The Master Key – My Ultimate Guide to Become an Amazing Lover.

In The Master Key you’ll learn how to fuck your woman like she’s never been fucked before, and how to make her cum harder than ever before.

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Doggy Style Variations – Improve Your Doggy Style

Doggy Style Variations – Improve Your Doggy Style

In this post you will learn how to improve your doggy style sex position by using different doggy style variations. Something that surely will provide a lot of fresh excitement to your sex skills. But first let’s talk about sex positions and great sex.

Lots of Sex Positions are Not Equal to Great Sex

When it comes to great sex and improving sex skills a lot of people think of different sex positions. But as you can read about in my post on how to become better in bed, improved sex skills and knowing different sex positions has quite little in common.

I would actually even say that knowing different sex positions, is less than 1 % of being a great lover.

Being great in bed is about so much more than knowing a bunch of sex positions. And if you really want to become an amazing lover, I recommend my ultimate guide to becoming an amazing lover – The Master Key.

With this said, lets dive in to this blog post on on sex positions and more specifically; doggy style variations.

Why you Should Switch Between Positions

As far as sex positions concerned, there are actually only three, all good in their own way. The missionary, doggy style, and the woman on top. All other positions are different variations of these. However, since variation is key when it comes to great sex, it’s good to experiment with the different positions and their variations.

Since specific positions can stimulate you differently, switching positions can also be a great way to boost and control the excitement of both you and your woman. But spending the whole act switching between a variety of positions, just for the sake of switching, will make you seem restless and make your woman frustrated. So keep it to a couple of positions at a time.

Doggy Style – A Dominant Sex Position

Since you can’t look your woman in the eyes during Doggy style, its suitable for dominant but less intimate sex. It also doesn’t allow for as much body contact as for example the missionary or woman on top. But it does allow for high speed and hard penetration, both parts of dominant sex. Since most women really enjoy dominant sex, this is a good thing.

If you want the sex to become even more dominant, you can also grab the woman by her hair near the hair roots. Something that creates a nice feeling to most women.

G-Spot Stimulation During Doggy Style

Doggy style is also a great way to provide G-spot stimulation. If you want to try a doggy style variation that gives extra g-spot stimulation, you position yourself so your dick head is pointing down towards the G-spot instead of straight in. Then fuck your woman with shallow thrusts.

Great for Lasting Longer

Another advantage of doggy style is that men often have an easier time relaxing in the position. Which makes it a position convenient to change to if you feel like you are about to come and want to last longer.

In case you want to relax even more (which is good for lasting longer), you can also instead of thrusting, bring your woman’s hip back and forth with your hands. If you want to learn how to last even longer, then check out my post on how to last longer.

More Emotional Sex with Modified Doggy Style

Doggy Style Variations – Improve Your Doggy Style

If you want to switch to more emotional sex, it’s a good idea to move your woman so she lies down instead of being on all four. Then you lie on top of her and fuck her from behind. In this position you can also experiment with placing pillows under your woman’s hip. Something that may both ad comfort and vary the sensation she feels.

The body contact of this doggy style variation is completely different to normal doggy style. It allows for passionate kisses as well as fingering of the woman’s clit.

Adding Clitoral Stimulation

Since a majority of all women need clitoral stimulation to cum it’s a great idea to add this to your doggy style sex. You can finger your woman’s clit yourself. But if you want her to come, which you probably do, then the best idea is to just move her hand towards the clit.

After all she will most likely know best how she likes to be stimulated. By you moving her hand towards the clit, you both show that its okay for her to masturbate and you even encourage it. An initiative that most women will love.

However, if you want to do it yourself, you can also start out and then place her hand on top of yours, this way she will show you how she likes it. If you or she has some vibrator toys available, doggystyle is also the position to bring them out.

If you want to switch it up from here, spooning is another great position to switch to.

Another way to make doggystyle more emotional and a lot sexier is to have doggystyle sex in front of a mirror. This way you can look your woman in the eyes as you fuck her. Something that adds a lot more emotion to the sex.

Another Doggy Style Variation

one of many great doggy style variations

In another variation on doggy style your woman stands on feet and hands instead of knees and arms. Then you fuck her standing. This is actually a yoga position called “downward facing dog“.

This variation is for example good to switch to if you’re having sex standing up in the shower. The shorter the distance between your woman’s feet and hands, the deeper into the vagina she will be stimulated.

In general doggystyle is a great position for standing sex. Which makes it a great position for having taboo sex in different public places. Most women love this type of naughty adventures.

Another Yoga Inspired Doggy Position

yoga inspired doggy

Another yoga-inspired version that both stimulates the G-spot and allows for deep penetration, works as follows. From the usual doggy style, you pull the woman’s ass backwards so that her thighs rest on the calves. Then push her arms forward so that her forehead rests against the mattress. You fuck her by kneeling with the knees on the outside of her feet, alternatively straighten your legs and hold yourself up with your hands beside her.

Since your woman may find it uncomfortable if you reach too deep and bump against her cervix, it is important that you start carefully in this position.

Other Doggy Style Variations

If you have a staircase available in your house, doggy style in the staircase is a nice little variation on the normal doggy style.

As you’re fucking your woman in doggy style varying the sex with different types of thrusting is also great. So check out my post on thrusting techniques. And if you’re getting a bit tired from standing on your knees when fucking your woman in doggy, just move her to the side of the bed and continue fucking her standing. Your woman will definitely appreciate this doggy style variation. While you get some well deserved rest.

Doggystyle is also great for nipple stimulation, so don’t hesitate to give your woman some nice nipple stimulation while you’re fucking her.

How to Fuck her in Ways she Never has Been Fucked Before

Experimenting with different sex positions is great. But it will not make you an amazing lover. If you want to continue learning how you can give your woman the best sex she’s had in her entire life, by far, then I recommend consulting best sexologist in Delhi.

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How to diagnose and treat syphilis

How to diagnose and treat syphilis

Do you have painless sores, blisters, or ulcers on your penis, vagina, and anus, or inside your mouth, or on the lips?

You could have syphilis, a sexually transmitted infection is caused by a type of bacteria. The infection usually starts as a sore in or on the genitals, anus, or mouth. It then leads to a painful skin rash and can lead to damaged organs, if not treated. With the right treatment, though, you can get this infection sorted.

Syphilis happens in primary, secondary, latent, and tertiary stages:

Primary syphilis

During this stage, you develop a sore that’s usually painless. This often happens within three weeks of getting the bacteria. At this point, you are very contagious.

For men, the painless sore often appears in the genital area, but not always on the penis.

For women, the sore develops on the outer genitals or on the inner part of the vagina. You may not notice the sore if it grows inside the vagina or at the opening to the uterus (cervix).

Secondary syphilis

The secondary stage involves a skin rash and sore throat, which means that the bacteria from the sore has spread to the bloodstream. The rash usually doesn’t itch and can be found on the palms and soles. Some people don’t notice the rash.

Other symptoms include:

  • Swollen lymph nodes (small glands all around your body that are part of your immune system)
  • Fatigue
  • Fever
  • Headaches
  • Aching joints
  • Weight loss
  • Hair loss

Latent syphilis

The third stage of syphilis is usually referred to as the hidden stage. While the primary and secondary symptoms of syphilis show no noticeable symptoms, at this stage, the bacteria remain in the body. This third stage could last for years before developing into the fourth stage, called tertiary syphilis.

Tertiary syphilis

This is the last stage of the infection. While this stage is rare, it has the most severe complications. It can affect different organs, like the brain, heart, spinal cord, liver, bones, and joints, which could result in death.

This last stage is life-threatening and can develop years after the initial infection. Some other complications of tertiary syphilis include:

  • Neurosyphilis, an infection of the brain or spinal cord
  • Mental illness
  • Memory loss
  • Blindness
  • Deafness
  • Destruction of soft tissue and bone
  • Neurological disorders, like stroke or meningitis
  • Heart disease

Risk factors

  • Having sex with multiple partners.
  • Having unprotected sex.
  • Being infected with HIV; the virus that causes AIDS.


Syphilis can be cleared with antibiotics. Blood tests can determine whether you’ve been infected with syphilis or not. If left untreated, it could increase the risk of HIV and infertility. If you’re sexually active, it’s best to get tested every six months and between new partners for all types of STIs.


  • Always use a condom when you have sex; this helps minimize your risk for syphilis.
  • If you’re having sex with multiple partners, it’s important to use condoms and have regular STI tests.
  • Discuss your sexual health with your partner and know each other’s sexual health status.
  • Consult best sexologist in Delhi if you are suspecting syphilis

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How to Be More Confident in Bed as a Man

How to Be More Confident in Bed as a Man

To be confident in bed is an important part of being a good lover. It is also part of the foundation to becoming an amazing lover. In this post I will share all the best actionable tips on how to be more confident in bed as a man. Let me first give you a quick answer.

To become more confident in bed as a man, you should study how to make women feel pleasure in bed. Knowing this will make you more competent in bed. You can then practice from a competent position and when you see all the pleasure you are capable of giving, you will become more confident in bed.

Now lets dive into exactly what you can do to not just become more confident, but to become highly confident in bed. If you are a man who’s interested in becoming more confident in bed, this blog post is for you.

Why you Should Become More Confident in Bed

Confidence is sexy both inside the bedroom and outside. Self-confidence is also one of the most important features for creating attraction. Thus sexual self-confidence will dramatically increase your attractiveness in the bedroom. The more attraction that the woman feels for you, the more she will love the sex.

By having self-confidence in bed as a man, you can also both let go of your inner passion and lead your partner to unleash hers.

Women love being with a man that’s confident in bed. If you ever been with a woman that’s confident in bed, you probably know why. Confidence in bed is not only hot for women.

However since most women are submissive in bed it’s extra hot for them. They love it when the man knows how to lead during sex. To be able to lead, you have to have sexual confidence.

Protect Your Relationship From Cheating

A positive side effect of being a sexually self confident man, is that it will help to protect your relationship from affairs. The most common reasons why women choose to cheat, are

  • That they don’t feel sexually satisfied.
  • That they don’t feel loved and paid attention to as a woman.
  • Or that their man accuses them of infidelity. He then indirectly train them to infidelity. Something the man do because he lacks sexual self-confidence.

To Not Feel Confident is Natural

How to Be More Confident in Bed as a Man

Before giving you different tips on how you can become more confident in bed, I first want to point out that its totally natural to not feel confident in bed. Actually, most men feel some kind of anxiety or nervousness around sex.

Confidence is often situational specific. This means that even if you are totally confident in one area of your life, you can still lack confidence in another area, such as sex. Unless you actually already studied sex, its natural that you are not confident in bed.

Improve Your Confidence in Bed by Becoming Better in Bed

To be confident about something we need to be comfortable doing it and competent that what we are doing is right. By studying and learning things that you can do to make women feel more pleasure in bed, you will become competent at sex.

Practice Makes Perfect

However, its not only enough to study. Once you have studied and learned how to give women amazing experiences, you also need to practice. This way you will become comfortable. Being comfortable and competent is what will make you confident in bed as a man.

To practice you need to have sex, the more the merrier.

Since a lot of women like different things, it’s also important to pay attention to what your woman like as you try out different techniques.

How to Get Practice

To have a lot of sex it’s great to have a girlfriend or just hook up with a lot of women. If you feel like it could be good to get some tips on how to meet and attract women.

If you’ve been taking advantage of everything that The Pleasure Keys has to offer, you don’t need to feel as if you’re after sex from women. It’s women who will receive amazing experiences from you.

By then having sex from a competent position and practicing all the information that you have learned, you will become very confident in bed.

Become More Confident in Bed by Boosting Your Everyday Confidence

Even though confidence can be specific to different situations, it never hurts to increase your overall self confidence. One great way of doing this is to step out of your comfort zone more often.

Stepping out of ones comfort zone can be done by just trying out new things and changing ones everyday routine. This doesn’t need to be huge changes, just doing small changes can improve your confidence.

The best way to step out of your comfort zone is to try out new activities. Why not make a list of things you’ve been interested in trying out. Maybe even include a few things that you haven’t been interested in trying, but you still are curious about. Then go ahead and give it a go.

Become More Comfortable in Bed by Working Out

man working out

If you’re not already doing some kind of exercise, working out is also good for men to become more comfortable in bed. Not because you need to have an extremely fit body to be confident in bed.

Being good in bed and being confident in bed as a man really has nothing to do with having a fit body. But when you start working out, you will become more in touch with your body. This will make you more comfortable using it. Gym, yoga, running, any type of exercise is good exercise.

Increasing Your Confidence in Bed as a Man if You are in a Relationship

If you already are in a relationship and don’t feel confident in bed, everything written in this blog also pertains to you. You should increase your competence as described above. Since you are in a relationship it will then be easy for you to practice and your woman will love it.

If you are in a relationship you also have the possibility of talking about sex with your partner. I don’t recommend asking your partner what she likes while you are having sex. This can be a turn off. But the afterglow is a great time to talk with your partner and find out what she likes. According to research couples who have a proactive approach to their sex life, have a better sex life.

Don’t Do It

When it comes to recommendations for improving self esteem, positive thinking and affirmations like “I can do this” are often recommended. However, to become more confident in bed as a man, I would recommend you to not use this.

Since these types of thought are used to become more confident, they are a sign that you are having problems and that you’re not completely comfortable. As long as you continue to use them you will never be completely comfortable. Instead you should focus on just relaxing and enjoying the experience.

Making Mistakes is Natural

When you are having sex and as you practice to become more confident in bed you should know that its ok to be nervous. And its ok to make mistakes. Even the best athletes in the world have bad games.

Mistakes happens to everyone and are nothing to stress over. Meet the mistakes with humor and a relaxed manor, and they will not affect you negatively.

Taking yourself to seriously and thinking that you are a pro without flaws is not a winning concept. Be humble and deal with pressure and mistakes with humor and a relaxed attitude. Sex is about enjoying not performing.

How to Become Really Fucking Good in Bed

women receiving pleasure

The best way to become more confident in bed as a man, is to become amazing in bed. By knowing that you are really fucking good in bed and that you can give women more pleasure than they ever experienced before, you will become highly confident in bed.

If you want to become this type of man, I highly recommend to consult a sexologist.

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5 Aggressive Things to do in Bed

5 Aggressive Things to do in Bed

It’s not uncommon for women to want their man to be more aggressive in bed. It’s also not uncommon that men don’t really know how to be more aggressive in bed. That’s why I decided to write this blog post on 5 aggressive things to do in bed.

If you’re a man wondering what to do to be more aggressive in bed, this blog post is for you. If you’re a woman wanting your man to be more aggressive, well then you can just share this blog post with your man.

Let’s dive in

Being Aggressive in Bed is Not the Same as Being Abusive

Before I jump into the specific things you can do to be more aggressive in bed I first want to state that by aggressive I of course don’t mean that you should physically hurt your woman in any way.

Being aggressive in bed is about taking charge and physically leading your woman in a confident way. This has nothing to do with inflicting pain. Instead it’s about helping your woman to live out her sexual desires.

Since a lot of women are sexually submissive they love it when the man leads them in a dominant way in the bedroom. However it’s important to point out that this only applies for a sexual reality. Regardless of how they want you to act in the bedroom, during the day they still want you to treat them with the same respect as always.

Now let’s look at the different aggressive things you can do in bed.

Physically Lead Your Partner

5 Aggressive Things to do in Bed

To take charge and physically lead your partner is a great way of being more aggressive in bed. You can do this by physically moving her body. If you for example want to change position, you physically move her body to the new position without hesitation. This way she will feel you natural strength as a man, most women love this.

You can also physically lead her during the foreplay. An example of this can be that you press her up against a wall or a door while you make out with her and then lift her up and throw her onto the bed. But even such small things like just taking her hand and leading her towards the bed are great.

If you are finding it difficult to physically lead your partner, taking a salsa course is a great way to learn how to lead a woman.

To learn even more specific techniques on how to physically lead your woman in the bedroom I recommend my post on how to take charge in bed. To be good at physically leading its also great to have a high sexual confidence. To improve your sexual self confidence, check out my post how to be more confident in bed.

Become More Aggressive by Commanding Your Partner

Another great way to be more aggressive in bed is to start commanding your partner during sex. You can command her to do things at the same time as you physically lead her. But you can also command her instead of leading. In an unapologetic way you tell her what you want her to do, when you want her to do it, and in which way.

Start out with small things like telling her you want her to go down on you. Then increase your assertiveness by adding dirty talk.

Commanding your woman will add more aggressiveness to the bedroom and thus make the sex hotter for her. But on top of this it will also make the sex better for you, since you are actually giving instructions to your woman on how you like it.

Talk Dirty to Your Partner

Talking dirty to your partner is a great aggressive thing to do in bed. You can combine this with commands, but also just talk about what you experience in a dirty way. When you talk dirty it’s important to start out slow and then, depending on your woman’s answer, you build it up.

To play it safe you can just start of with things like, “so nice” and “your so fucking hot”. Depending on your woman’s reactions and as she becomes more and more aroused you can become more graphic and more dirty.

Once you have worked your way up to it, the following phrases are examples of dirty talk that you can use or get inspired by:

  • Your pussy feels so nice and wants to come hard on my cock
  • My hard cock is so deep inside you
  • I can feel how much your pussy wants to come on my hard cock
  • You love to be fucked hard
  • you’re my personal little slut
  • you love being fucked like a slut
  • you love being fucked hard like a little slut
  • you’re so filthy and it makes you want to come hard

Fuck your Partner Aggressively

Another great way to be more aggressive in bed is to fuck your partner hard. Sure most woman love to make sweet love, but most women also loves to be fucked really hard.

To fuck her hard it’s of course important to use deep and fast strokes. To be able to fuck a woman with fast and deep strokes for a longer extent of time without coming, can often be difficult for us guys.

The best way to avoid coming when you fuck her hard is to make sure you remain relaxed in your hip. Take deep and relaxing breaths at the same time as you fuck her hard.

Additional Aggressive Things to Do

To provide even more mental stimulation when you fuck you partner hard, you can also add the following different aggressive things:

  • Pin her hands to the bed. As you fuck her you hold her hands pinned to the bed.
  • Smack her ass. This works best in doggy style. Some women enjoy this while others don’t, so just give it a try and see what type of reaction you get. However, you’re not smacking her ass to inflict pain, but the sound it makes is a great mental stimulation for women who love aggressive things in bed.
  • Grab her by the hair. As you fuck your woman you grab her by the hair. Keep you grip close to the hair roots to not cause annoying pain. When you have your woman’s hair in a grip you can also add even more aggressiveness by pressing her head down against the bed.

Use BDSM Restraints on Your Partner

bondage kit

If you want to be even more aggressive you can also add some BDSM tools to the mix. This can either be things like restraints, such as different types of handcuffs or blindfolds. Or tools like paddles, and whips. If you don’t feel ready to shop these type of things but still want to try it out, you can also just use what you have at home.

Ties and scarfs works perfect both for tying up your girlfriend and for depriving her of her vision. By using things you already have at home it also comes across a bit more spontaneous. Regardless of if you use special BDSM equipment, tying up your woman is a great way to be more aggressive in bed.

If you’re ready to get the tools, I recommend my guide on the best BDSM kits.

Don’t Forget Aftercare and Pre-talk

It doesn’t matter if you’re having rough sex or just normal sex, after sex talks are always good to have. By talking about what you enjoyed most, you will build towards even better sex next time and an even more satisfying sexual relationship in the long term.

However, if the sex is especially rough or aggressive, aftercare and an after sex talk is even more important. Talk about the experience. Assure your woman that you enjoyed the sex and make sure she felt good about it.

If you are planning to have BDSM type of sex or especially rough sex you should also have a pre-talk. In this talk you decide what is okay and not, you also choose a safe word if needed.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t become great in bed.

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How to Fuck Better – 14 Things Every Man Should Do in Bed

How to Fuck Better – 14 Things Every Man Should Do in Bed

In this blog post, I decided to keep it simple and straight to the point. In no particular order, it contains fourteen things that you should do if you want to fuck better.

 Unfortunately, a lot of men are not even aware of them. If you want to learn how to fuck better, this blog post is for you.

Enjoy the Sex

First and foremost I want to point out that sex is about enjoyment. It’s good that you want to improve in bed and learn how to fuck better. By becoming great in bed both you and your woman will experience so much pleasure and happiness.

However, to be able to get better in bed you should always remember that sex isn’t about performing. Seeing it as something where you have to perform will create performance anxiety. You will neither enjoy it or be good at it. And if you don’t enjoy it, your woman will probably neither.

Just have fun instead, sex should be about having fun. Enjoy what you experience and what happens regardless of how it goes. Orgasms are great but even this should never be a goal, to enjoy the sex and have fun, is way more important. Skip the goals and have fun when you’re having sex.

Be Passionate

To fuck better it’s also great to be passionate about fucking. Let it be heard and seen that you enjoy it.

Just as we men love it when our woman is passionate in bed, women love to be with a passionate man. And just as you are looking for ways to make women feel more pleasure in bed, most women want to make you feel more pleasure as well. By letting it be seen and heard that you enjoy it, your woman will enjoy it even more.

Pay Attention

How to Fuck Better – 14 Things Every Man Should Do in Bed

One of the most important parts of being good in bed is to pay attention to your woman. There are definitely techniques and ways to make women feel amazing in bed. Since everyone is different you have to pay attention to your woman.

Learn what she likes, and how she likes it. Everything from which techniques she enjoys most, which positions her favorites are, to the tiniest little details. Pay attention to her and calibrate what you are doing according to her reactions.

Be Generous

Although this could be an obvious tip for some, it still worthy of being on the list since some men don’t even realize when they are selfish. According to women I’ve talked to, too many men finish when they finish so to speak. Don’t be one of these men.

Instead, use your mouth or hands to make sure your woman has an amazing experience. And maybe you’ll even be ready for a second round after?

As in any other occasion, to give more than you take is a great mentality to have for learning how to fuck better.

Talk During Sex

When I talk about talking during sex, I don’t talk about insecure comments like “does this feel good”. Sure it is great to know if your woman is enjoying it, but this type of comment is a turn-off. Instead, pay attention to your woman, see how she reacts and you will see if she enjoys it.

If you want to find out what your woman likes, asking her about it after the sex is the way to do it. While you’re still in bed just after you finished having sex is a great time to talk about sex. This way you’re building towards even better sex in the future.

When I talk about talking during sex, I talk about self-confident dirty talk. A lot of women really like dirty talk. Talking dirty as you fuck your woman is a great way of enhancing her emotions and she will enjoy being fucked even more.

Study Different Ways to Please Women

To learn how to fuck better it’s of course great to study and learn about different ways to please women in bed.

Lead in Bed

5 Aggressive Things to do in Bed

Since most women are submissive, they love it when the man leads in bed. If you don’t already lead in bed, learning how to lead will really make you fuck so much better.

By being a man who takes charge and leads in bed, you will help your woman to let loose of her inner passion.

Last Longer in Bed

Unfortunately, most men last around 6 min in bed while most women need around 13 minutes to reach orgasms. If you belong to most men and if you want to learn how to fuck better, then you should definitely learn how to last longer than 6 min.

For most men learning how to last longer is about learning how to relax when they have sex.

Be Creative

To be good at fucking you can’t just fuck in the same way the whole time. It doesn’t matter if something is amazing from the start, if you keep on doing the same thing over and over it will not be that amazing after a while. Instead, be creative and switch things up. Also don’t just be mechanical in your thrusting.

However, switching too much between too many different positions is not great. Give your woman time to relax and enjoy it.

Fucking is So Much More Than What you Do With Your Hip

To be better at fucking you also have to be aware that fucking is not only what you do with your hip. Fucking involves fingering, eating pussy, foreplay afterglow, and everything in between.

Most women actually don’t even come by just penetration alone. Instead, they need clitoral stimulation to come. So make sure you pay some good attention to your partner’s clitoris. But also realize that women have so many more erogenous zones. Even though it’s not technically fucking, having fun and exploring these will make you much better at fucking.

The Importance of Foreplay

Foreplay is a huge part of having sex and if you want to learn how to fuck better, then you need to pay attention to the foreplay. Longer foreplay will actually even increase the likelihood of your woman reaching an orgasm.

Exercise to Fuck Better

To fuck better, being in a reasonably good physical condition is a good idea. So if you don’t already work out I recommend you to begin. Not only will good stamina be good in the bedroom, but doing some kind of physical activity will also make you more comfortable in your body, which will increase your self-confidence.

By being more confident in bed you will also fuck better.

Use Lubricant

using lube will make you better at fucking

Lubricant is great for making sex more enjoyable. For different reasons sometimes women can be really horny and want to have sex without being super wet. If you then have lube available, it will be highly appreciated.

If you’re having sex with a condom it’s also great to have some extra lube on the condom. And a few drops of lube in the container of the condom will make the sex even more enjoyable. Another time when lube is great is during finger fucking.

More Physical Contact

Physical contact during sex is a great way to enhance the feeling and improve the sex. The more the merrier. Hold on to your woman tenderly or fuck her hard and pin her hands towards the bed.

Eye contact is also great for making the sex emotional, and kissing during fucking is a great way to make the sex better and hotter.

Fuck Her Better Than She’s Ever Been Fucked Before

In this blog post, you’ve hopefully learned lots of great tips. If you apply them you should become a lot better in bed than most guys.

However, If you are serious about learning how to fuck better, consult the best sexologist in Delhi.

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